Proton Throttle Body Learning for DBW System

t's crucial for Proton vehicles to relearn the new idling and wide-open throttle position after replacing a brand new Throttle Body.

Do take note that this function is only limited to the variant of EMS 700 ECU or Continental ECU family.

  • Proton Gen2 
  • Proton Saga BLM/FL
  • Proton Satria Neo
  • Proton Persona (not applicable for Elegance model, facelifted version)
  • Proton Exora CPS (not applicable for Bold model, CFE version)
  • Proton Waja Campro (not applicable for MMC & Renault version) 

Newer Campro engine ECU like Proton Persona Elegance has replaced or integrated these functions with "First Initialization"; or totally eliminating these options as ECU is capable of self-adapting to the new position. 

       Non-applicable model is listed below: 

  • Proton Saga FLX 
  • Proton Preve/Suprima-S
  • Proton Exora Bold
  • Proton Persona Elegance
  • Proton Persona NFE
  • Proton Saga NFE 
  • Proton Inspira 
  • Proton Waja MMC & Renault
  • Proton Juara


- Replacing new throttle body

- ECU with DTC unadapted throttle position

A diagnosis tool is needed to carry out the learning procedure, in this case a step-by-step guidance of Fcar diagnosis scanner is shown.

It's not necessary for post-cleaning job of the throttle body to carried out such function. 

 You will need to connect to the vehicle and access to Engine System, do make sure that the correct vehicle has been selected.




Step4: Make sure that IG is ON, and Engine is OFF.

Step5: Wait until the instruction of IG switch OFF is appeared. Press OK and you will be told to switch ON again.

Step6:  After IG OFF & ON for 2nd time, the process will be completed. 

Articles prepared by:

Wilson Young

Malaysia Northern Region Sales Manager

Aurora Supplies Sdn Bhd