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EP260 employs the state of the art charging and discharging technique, and according to the charging and discharging characteristics of lead-acid batteries and lithium-iron batteries, a variety of test and maintenance modes are built in, which are suitable for the discharging, charging, cyclic charging and discharging tests of various lead-acid batteries and lithium-iron batteries available in the market.


Utilizes cutting-edge charge-discharge testing technology to prevent interference with the BMS system

Designed with a wide voltage range and equipped with various built-in charge-discharge modes, meeting the voltage and current requirements of diverse battery pack modules during charge-discharge operations, ensuring safety and enhancing efficiency

Allows flexible configuration of charge-discharge rules and activation cycles, effectively enhancing battery capacity

Equipped with safety features including reverse polarity protection, high-temperature alert, over-current protection, fan failure detection, over-voltage warning, and excessive current alert, ensuring hardware safety