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  • Product Code: P03
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P03 is a comprehensive intelligent detector for electric vehicles. The device integrates electric vehicle battery detection and vehicle system detection functions and integrates oscilloscope, multimeter, insulation tester and current clamp. As a professional and comprehensive electric vehicle tester, it is the first choice for maintenance service centers!


Built-in 4 common detection tools, including oscilloscope, multimeter, insulation tester and current clamp. Covering common measurement requirements in maintenance scenarios of EV battery pack

Cover more than 95% of the whole system of EVs, and keep updating

Supports testing of DC/DC converter, onboard charger, high-voltage distribution box, and other common maintenance functions

Provide four battery pack connection methods, including OBD, special connector, jumper connection and fast charging port connection

Equipped with battery pack professional connector as standard and integrated aviation plug connector to improve detection efficiency

Support ADAS calibration, tread detection, insulation tester, oscilloscope, digital power supply, multimeter, current clamp, videoscope, and other expansion modules

Dual WIFI design, the host is connected to the VCI with independent WIFI, and the VCI does not affect the host to access the Internet when it is working

Provide the whole vehicle topological graph, clearly display the vehicle communication network, and quickly locate the fault point