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Supports unlimited repeated programming. Cover 98% and above vehicle models with TPMS. Different ways to generate ID: manually, automatically or replication.


G1 can perform the diagnostic and relearning functions with THINKCAR diagnostic devices. ThinkDiag, for instance, can diagnose faulty TPMS, including read/clear code. Users can also check the relearning instructions and procedure with G1. What’s more, G1 can be used with diagnostic devices from other brands in the future.

 G1 is totally different with any other tire pressure diagnostic tool in the market. By just around your car, you can operate all the tire pressure diagnostics, no need to bend over and put the diagnostic tool close to the tire pressure sensor.

 THINKTPMS G1 supports 98% car models with TPMS( Tire Pressure Monitor System).

 Tire pressure sensor is installed inside each wheel to measure and monitor air pressure, temperature by communicating with Body Control Model/ BCM. Tire pressure sensor can generally run for 3-5 years, and the sensor power will run out which needs to be replaced. Sometimes programming tire sensors can be very time consuming when you go to the tire shop, and the original sensors will be very expensive. 

THINKTPMS S1 is the smallest and lightest sensor on the market now.  It can be programmed by THINKTPMS G1 easily  and replace the original sensors quickly. S1 adopts Japanese imported Maxell (Hitachi) button battery which is more safe and durable.  Adopts the world leading chip, the pressure is accurate to 0.1bar.

In Following with THINKCAR1S, THINKDIAG, THINKDRIVER, we strive to come up with better innovations and ideas for new products. We don't make products just for the sake of making them. We create products that help our users solve their problems. G1 want to brings the awareness of everyone the tire pressure safety. Keep safe, save your troubles.